About verkstadsbolaget


We will be a supplier to the manufacturing industry, where our clients view us as part of their own operations. We will help our clients have trouble-free, efficient production by means of long-term commitment.

Business idea

With customised solutions, we will deliver equipment that guarantees safety, operational reliability and efficiency to our clients. Our output capacity leads to success, trust and new business.



1979 The Fransson brothers decide to strike out on their own. They found their company just outside Säffle’s urban area.

1994 Takeover and integration of Rurek AB, a neighbouring company, into the business.

1996 Expansion of the company’s facilities.

2002 Evert Andrén buys an equity interest of 50 per cent. The company moves to a newly purchased property at Säterivägen.

2003 Acquisition of Aspervall Instrument AB as a subsidiary.

2006 Evert Andrén raises his equity interest to 100 per cent. Installation of a fully integrated business system (Monitor). Divestment of Aspervall Instrument AB.

2007 Acquisition of additional CNC machines for machining.

2009 New laser cutting machine, including automated sheet metal warehouse. Construction of a new storage building. Certification according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

2010 Construction of a measuring room, with a coordinate measuring machine and a measuring arm. Installation of an overhead crane and an automated bandsaw.

2012 Additional investments in a machining centre and two lathes.

2013 Additional investments in a machining centre and two lathes.
Certification of design activities according to ISO 9000.

2018 Start of construction on an extension of the office part; further focus on plant deliveries.

2019 Henrik Lindblom and Lars Hartman take over the operations as new owners.

2020 Investment in a new HAAS vertical CNC machining centre.

2021 Investment in one more HAAS vertical CNC machining centre.

2022 First export order with automation for House industry to Tracy, California.

2023 The company starts production in extended workshop with 1600m² extra space and invest in carousel grinder, Bed tyoe milling machine and an 5 axle milling machine.


Quality and environment

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

With the client taking centre stage, we continuously improve in order to become more efficient.
Knowledge and motivation are important driving forces for meeting and preferably exceeding our clients’ expectations.

This means that we will:

  • meet specified requirements, which is our basic commitment.
  • deliver on time.
  • develop and motivate our employees.
  • systematically analyse and correct deviations.

If you would like to know more about how we work with quality and environment, do not hesitate to contact us. >>

Quality policy

Säffle Verkstadsbolag AB’s overall objective is to be a competitive supplier of workshop services.

We will manufacture and deliver goods and services — with the right quality and at the right time — pursuant to the respective agreement we have with the client.

We will make sure that we understand the client’s needs and tailor and improve our support, quality and supply reliability for each client through continuous dialogue.

We will systematically follow up on our quality objectives and continuously overhaul and improve our methods of work.

Environmental policy

Environmental work will be a natural part of our improvement work that all employees are involved in.

We will seek solutions that lead to reduced environmental impact, energy and resource consumption in a conscious and planned manner, both internally and externally.

We will abide by the existing environmental legislation and accommodate the requirements placed by our clients with regard to the environment so that we can continue to be a safe and secure supplier to our clients.


HSE policy

We at Säffle Verkstadsbolag take responsibility for always working in such a way as to protect our health, prevent accidents and safeguard the environment. Our work with health, safety and the environment is an integral part of all of the company’s processes and our work on continual improvement.

Long-term objectives

We strive to have 0 accidents and near-misses.

HSE strategy

  • Always give a priority to HSE in production and in connection with the planning of new products and service work.
  • Have a good knowledge of acts and ordinances governing our work and make sure that they are abided by.
    Continually strive for improvements in our day-to-day work that protect our health and the environment and prevent accidents.
  • Prevent accidents, work-related injuries and work-related diseases so that we always have as little sick leave as possible.
  • Maintain a drug and smoke-free workplace.
  • Always have a focus on HSE by always following up on HSE issues in our day-to-day work routines, in the 5S work, improvement work and meetings.
  • We will seek solutions that lead to reduced environmental impact, energy and resource consumption in a conscious and planned manner, both internally and externally.