Do you need assistance with the service of your machine or production equipment?

Our offer covers most types of equipment, from paper machinery, pellet plants, various processing machines, welding, conveyors and gearboxes to change of bearings and laser alignment of shafts and transmissions. We will be happy to help you, with a focus on your desires, processes and products.

Verkstadsbolaget, which is a metalworking shop, has year-long experience in the paper industry, timber industry, construction industry, processing industry and automotive industry and offers a high level of quality of products customised for industrial automation. All employees on the Service Team hold a number of permits for external assignments such as, for example, SSG-entré, hot works, aerial work platforms, safe lifting as well as forklift truck licences.

More and more companies hire Verkstadsbolaget for their operations, so we have a number of good references we can refer to.

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Svetsning utrustning

Emergency response and repairs

At times, everyone suffers unforeseen accidents that require quick measures. We are ready to help you then.

Our Service Team has service vehicles with extensive shop equipment, and our metalworking shop can quickly manufacture spare parts.

Our metalworking shop offers machining, sheet metal work with laser cutting and bending, and we also have a welding department. The most common materials are stocked. We will try to help you to the extent possible to minimise downtime in your business.

Reverse engineering

Spare parts

If you need spare parts, we manufacture them according to your requirements and specifications. To produce new spare parts in our metalworking shop, we can also measure components on site using our portable measuring arm or on our premises with our coordinate measuring machine. If you need support, we can also help out with material selection and tolerances that can possibly extend the service life of your machinery or equipment.

Would you like us to manufacture spare parts for you? Contact us!

Improvements, custom solutions, service life extension

We are happy to help you with upgrades or moving and reconstruction of machinery. Verkstadsbolaget performs new installation and commissioning of various types of client equipment.
If this requires new CE certificates or updates of documentation, we can help you with this, too.

Beredning och konstruktion

Preventive maintenance

If you need scheduled preventive maintenance, we can provide this with our business system, where we can schedule activities in your operations. Then we come at set intervals and ensure preventive maintenance in accordance with the conditions we have agreed on.

If you would like to know more about preventive maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.