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We’d be only pleased to be of assistance with a focus on your requirements, processes and products, where your standard is our standard. Verkstadsbolaget, which is a metalworking shop, has many years’ experience in several business areas and offers a high quality of products that are tailored for industrial automation.

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Robotcell dubbelstolpe

New techniques and prototypes

Are you planning a future product or think of a new manufacturing process? We provide assistance in a number of development projects and think that research and new, untested concepts is interesting. We’d be only pleased to be of help with research & development and the production of prototypes or production equipment tailored to your needs and wants.

We also offer an option to arrange trial runs or similar of machinery and methods at our shop. Verkstadsbolaget also has good cooperation partners who can help with virtual simulations, where process data is processed in order to produce a realistic simulation.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will listen to your ideas.

Montage och lagerhållning

Optimisation or service life extension

Do you have an automated system that does not work or want to optimise it in order to extend its service life or raise its capacity? If so, we’d be happy to assist with the development and production or reconstruction of the equipment in order to solve your problem. Your components are manufactured at our metalworking shop with designers on the same premises as the production floor. Our expertise in stress calculations, material alloys, hydraulics, pneumatics and our manufacturing competence enable us to maintain a high level of quality.

If you also need programming or simulations, Verkstadsbolaget has good cooperation partners to assist you in this. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about how we can assist.

Legotillverkning automation

Contract manufacture of automated systems

If you have a finished design and look for someone who can manufacture and assemble it, we will be glad to lend you a hand. Verkstadsbolaget is used to working on projects with external designers, and our design department works as a filter between you and our production floor. With a design department located in the same premises as the production floor, we can maintain a high level of quality.

This also means short lead times for you – from order placement to actual assembly. Would you like to know more about contract manufacture? We are at you service for any question you may have!