Automated systems for the automotive industry

Do you need assistance with the development and production of automated systems for the automotive industry?

We’d be only too pleased to be of assistance, with a focus on your requirements, processes and products. Verkstadsbolaget, which is a metalworking shop, has extensive experience in the automotive industry and offers a high level of quality of products customised for industrial automation.

More and more companies in the automotive industry are installing automated systems from Verkstadsbolaget in their operations. So, we can provide a number of good references in this respect.

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Your standard is our standard

We can offer automated system solutions for the automotive industry that can be customised to your particular conditions and requirements. We strive for close and open cooperation with you so that can develop equipment that is suited to your pocket, premises as well as objectives.

Contact us, and we will develop a solution based on your requirements.

Automated systems for the automotive industry:

  • Conveyor systems, conveyors and turntables
  • High-bay cranes
  • Buffer warehouses
  • Safety updates and optimisation
  • Production of spare parts and renovation of machinery such as conveyors, gearboxes, etc.
  • Platforms and mezzanines
  • Spreaders

Automated systems from cooperation partners

Verkstadsbolaget has excellent cooperation partners with a high level of competence and experience in automated systems in the form of robots, gates or similar machinery for the automotive industry. We can even handle major or complex projects together with our cooperation partners: there is hardly any challenge that can stop us.

Project management
We assist you as clients with everything, from technical specifications to commissioning, so you feel secure throughout the entire delivery. We are used to working on a project basis with major groups in the automotive industry and we’re also happy to assist smaller companies, too. All are welcome at Verkstadsbolaget!

We CE mark all of our equipment and have a steady focus on the ergonomics and safety of your industrial automation products. Our many years’ experience in the processing industry means that we have lots of innovative solutions that can be applied in the automotive industry.


Own manufacture in metalworking shop

Your products are manufactured and assembled at our shop in Säffle, where we have project managers and designers working in the same premises as our production, which enables us to maintain a high quality level. All laser cutting and welding is done in our metalworking shop.

This also means short lead times for you – from order placement to actual assembly. If you’d like to know more about our metalworking shop, don’t hesitate to contact us.